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The Probability Report Newsletter - August, 2015

The Probability Report is a free monthly newsletter for traders who actively trade on the Nadex exchange, and for those who are interested in learning more about the advantages of incorporating Nadex binary options and Nadex spreads into their trading strategies. Every month we will publish a schedule of free webinars, articles, videos and papers about trading with Nadex.

Calendar of August 2015 Webinars Hosted By Nadex: All times shown are Eastern Standard Time (EST) - New York

  • Thursday, August 6  Advanced Trading Strategies (Part One) 9pm EST Register Here
  • Monday, August 10 Basics of Nadex Spreads 7pm EST  Register Here
  • Thursday, August 13 Advanced Trading Strategies (Part Two) 8pm EST  Register Here
  • Monday, August 17 Choosing the Right Binary for Your Strategy 7pm EST Register Here
  • Thursday, August 20 Advanced Trading Strategies (Part Three) 9pm EST  Register Here
  • Monday, August 24 Common Misconceptions with Nadex Spreads 7pm EST  Register Here
  • Wednesday, August 26 Strategies for Crude Oil and Natural Gas 2pm-4pm EST Register Here
  • Monday, August 31 Scalping with Nadex 5 Minute Binaries 7pm EST  Register Here

New! Free eBook of Nadex Trading Strategies:

"Trading Made Simple: Strategies that Risk Less than $100"

If you are a Nadex trading veteran or if you are brand new to Nadex, this eBook is a must-read. You will be exposed to 11 easy-to-follow trading strategies from multiple Nadex experts, including Darrell Martin, Mark Hodge, Krystal Comber, Sean Jantz, Traden Group, Khari Lane and Cam White.

Each strategy is broken down into 3 components:
  • The Game Plan: A clearly written description of the trading strategy, along with charts and trade examples.
  • The Movie: A video that completely explains the strategy.
  • The Offer: An invitation to visit the author's website, test the strategy and engage with other traders.
This is the first comprehensive eBook of Nadex trading strategies. Each strategy is clearly explained, and no two strategies are alike. You will learn how to trade popular indices, Forex pairs and commodities futures without getting stopped-out, and with capped risk.

Click Here to Open Your Free Nadex Demo Account! Nadex is now available in 47 Countries!

Nadex Article of the Month

Trading the GBP/USD "London Breakout" Strategy with Nadex Spreads

By Cam White, TradingPub
If you are an early riser or can't trade during normal market hours, here's a trade that can make some very nice money for you as you head out the door to work. You might even find it worth setting your alarm clock for this one.
Every weekday morning at 3:00 am EDT, The London Financial Markets open. The London Exchange is the busiest financial exchange, and a huge volume of transactions are processed when the market opens. 3:00 am is also the final hour of the Tokyo exchange.
The sheer volume of transactions often results in a steep upward or downward spike in the GBP and its associated currency pairs. This is also compounded when Economic news is released out of the UK, usually at 4:30 am.

Nadex Video of the Month:
Using Nadex Spreads to Get Wider Stops and Less Risk for Pennies on the Dollar John Skelton, Apex Investing Institute

About Nadex:
Nadex is a Chicago-based derivatives exchange designed for new and experienced traders, offering:
  • Limited Trade Risk - You know exactly what your risk/reward is going to be.
  • Flat Market Opportunities - When markets are quiet, Nadex  offers possibilities.
  • Short Term Expiration - You decide which expiration best fits your trading target.
  • Spike Protection - Trade without getting stopped-out.

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